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October is the most significant month in the life of Evangelist Prophet Michael and in the history of God’s Great Evangelical Ministry.  3rd October is the date in which Evangelist Prophet Michael received Prophethood anointing and calling.  This very date has been a most refreshing experience for many.  The programme starts from the 1st day of October and ends on the 3rd day of October yearly.  The Prophetic and inspirational words, which Evangelist Prophet Michael shares  during this Fasting and prayer sessions, have preserved and transformed the lives of many.  During this session you will witness how God performed an extra ordinary Miracles wrought by the Holy Spirit through the man of God Evangelist Prophet Miracles wrought by the Holy Spirit through the man of God Evangelist Prophet Michael Jonah as he ordered out devil with just a word.  He commanded the lame to walk and they got up! With just a touch, people fell under anointing.

This wonderful experience and testimonies brought people from different part of the world to experience the healing power of God during this October fasting of God’s Great Evangelical Ministry a healing Ministry of Evangelist Prophet Michael Jonah and day of his divine calling.  These October fasting and prayer is hope at last for the sick, as all manners of sicknesses and medically incurable ailment are healed by the power of God.

Testimonies, blessings and transformations recorded consistently at the 1st – 3rd October fasting are resplendent demonstrations of the truth that Evangelist Prophet Michael is God’s will for all.  Thus, many of whom the doctors has given up to die.  Their hitherto tales and song of pains has turned to the everlasting joy, -gratitude and celebration of the Lord and His mighty power that brought healing and health to them.

October fasting and prayers has served as a one stop haven of health and healing in distressed homes. Thousands received miracles and have their lives and dreams restored.  Many have seen God’s word come alive before their very eyes at October fasting.

The much attendance and extra ordinary healing miracles at past and present October fasting and prayer session are proofs that healing miracles are real today as in the days of Elijah that Prophet.

As written through the early Apostle in the book of Acts that they are the durable works of an eternal God, which is reminiscent of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  As earlier mentioned many outstanding miracles and testimonies in the Church during this October fasting are recorded here for your encouragement.


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