1. A man of tomorrow can never be kill today.
  2. Life is not all about seniority but maturity
  3. When you are spiritually okay you can never be intimidated.
  4. A wise man is a great man.
  5. Any man that has the audacity of hope can never be disappointed in life.
  6. In every manifestation there was preparation and in every happening there is a purpose.
  7. God always used something little to make something great.
  8. Promotion gives birth to title and title gives birth to upliftment.
  9. Anything that crosses your mind is the thing that cross your life.
  10. It is what you think and say that determines who you are.
  11. A man of destiny can give a full data of his life.
  12. There is nothing that kills a man’s destiny like lamentations.
  13. Fear makes a man not to arrive his destiny.
  14. It is identification that brings qualification.
  15. In every great success there is a secret.
  16. When things happened do not pass by, wait and fixed your eyes on it, it will be a lesson to your inner dwelling spirit.
  17. There is nothing Satan fight most as greatness.
  18. Don’t be eager for something so that Satan may not use that to bring you down.
  19. If you want to be out standing in life you must be out spoken.
  20. It is the last minutes that determine a man glory.
  21. Waiting patiently is the highest thing in life of a Christian.
  22. A man with good character doubles his blessing.
  23. As far as faith is concern there is no hopeless situation.
  24. Before you become a king you must have a priest.
  25. When extra-ordinary people received an extra-ordinary blessing ordinary people says they are lucky.
  26. If you don’t study, don’t be ready to be benefit from life
  27. A carnal mind carries death but a spiritually mind carries life.
  28. In every invitation there is an expectation.
  29. A Christian can only be destroyed when he surrenders.
  30. Many Christian failed in life because they count their mistakes as the end of their lives.
  31. When you get to the right place, you find the right solution.
  32. Favor is the moth of destiny.
  33. If you lack favor find out your character because your character determines your favor.
  34. There is no great achievement without dreams
  35. In cross there is crown.
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