Cecilia Innocent

To God be the glory, I am hear to testify the goodness of God in my life, I have been sick for many years.  I applied all types of medicine but it did not work.  I did not know that the wicked was working in my body.  I heard of God’s Great Assemblies, I decided that through that church God will healed me.  One Thursday prayer God speaks through his servant that my picture was stolen by someone who uses it to torment me.  That the person must returned my picture for my health to be restored.  To my greatest surprise when I reached home that afternoon the man that took my picture confessed and returned my picture, from that day my health returned to normal.  I am happy to be God’s Great today in good health.

Idongesit Akpan

A young land according to his doctor had suffered from intestinal occlusion and appendix.  Her stomach was bloated and she could neither eat nor stool properly.  The young lady narrating her experience said “ I went to hospital and the doctor confirmed that I should undergo an operation, because of fear I decided to go back home.  I saw the poster of God’s Great Evangelical Ministry on October-2012 fasting, tagged “dealing with stubborn situation” I said to myself, I must attend this programme. God is greater than this sickness; God has the key to my life, as I am going to join this programme, I prayed! God let this sickness disappear in my body.  So I followed my sister to this church.  To God be the glory, on the second day of the three days programme, the man of God ministered healing to me, and blessed a rubber of water that I bought outside the church compound with my money and I drank the water.  At that very moment the pains ceased and I went back to hospital and my Doctor confirmed the healing.  God is wonderful, His name be praised for evermore. Amen.


I have visited many hospitals but the doctor’s report was that I am not pregnant that I carrying Fibroid. I was introduced by a friend to God’s Great Evangelical

Ministry, when I came to this church I believe that God will change my stories, and so it was, I only slept on the alter and placed the church magazine on my belly, to God be the glory the Fibroid turns to a bouncing baby Girl.  Today I am a happy mother with my child.

Mrs. Peace Michael

A powerful prayer was conducted in the church in one of the programe on Sunday in the month of January, the theme was “let that nonsense stop.  A general prophecy was given.” That someone will get home and see charm in his/her compound prophecy came to past in life of Bro. Christopher , a member of his family confessed that he was responsible for the charm, He thought it was going to bring money to him but in reverse, it claimed the lives of about six young people in the family.  Prophet Michael may God continue to use you to deliver our people Amen.

Anthony Augustine


A young girl of 16 years, Rebecca M. Udo, could not speak from birth.  She was deaf and dumb, the parents brought her with faith to God’s Great Assemblies and she received her instant healing after a touch from the man of God.  She is now a very happy child as she signs in the intermediate choir and attends school.  May God’s name be praise forever – Amen. Rebecca Monday Udo.

My daughter slump and died mysteriously, but God restored her life just with touch from the Prophet.  My brothers and sisters, our God is good, if not the God the Prophet Michael, my daughter would have died I am giving God the Glory for what He has done for me when I rush my daughter to the church, we were lucky to meet the Prophet, He prayed and poured just water on my daughter, and immediately my daughter came back to life.

May the name of our God be praise now and forever –Amen.

Patience Hope


Am testifying the goodness of the Lord in my life.  I suffered from internal heat that disturbed my health for so many years. My family rejected me saying am suffering from HIV/Aids.  Hospitals could not detect the sickness that was in my body but the supreme doctor Jesus used his vessel Evangelist Prophet Michael Jonah and healed me through water.  The water he poured on me was collected from a nursing mother in the church and I received my instant healing Praise God am free till today.  Hallelujah.

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